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Courses and rates


Our courses start every Monday and you have the chance to cover a whole level in just 2 weeks, by studying 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday. In total, it adds up to 40 hours, and if you’re staying for a longer period of time in Buenos Aires, the following levels (after completing one with us) get a 15% off.

Costos Intensive 2


Same as intensive, but instead of 20 hours per week, it’s 10, and you’ll be covering one whole level in a month.

Costos Semi Intensive


Aimed at students who need to learn faster or need more flexibility. The number of hours will depend on the student’s needs.

On to One

The following is included in the rate for all courses

– Oral and written level test (before starting the course).
– Paper and digital material.
– Ebooks and movies with subtitles according to level.
– Free movie/series debate (held in the morning or afternoon).
– Coffee, tea and cookies!

Due to the number of hours a day you’ll be learning, you’re bound to learn Spanish very quickly!


For you to make the most out of the course, each class has a maximum of 5 students.


First of all you’ll have a written and oral test to evaluate your level. We know you may be here for a short time and we don’t want to waste your time by changing you from course to course. Our classes have few students to maximize learning and for everyone to be able to interact, participate and practise. Our teachers are native speakers so you’re sure to learn Spanish right from a perfect source.

We’re also open for improvement. We know each class is different and so are our students, that’s why, in case it’s needed, we can change the dynamic of the class during the course.

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